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abilspray® Technical Data

abilspray® powder - an admixture for shotcreting.

abilspray® powder is a carefully engineered intimate blend of superfine fly ash with synthetic and naturally occurring amorphous silica available for supply in 10kg net degradable paper sacks.

abilspray® is designed to impart rheological characteristics that are critical for the application of spray-applied concrete (shotcrete). In particular, the high surface area of abilspray® particles per unit weight ensure high wet adhesion and suspension to the substrate of an applied shotcrete mix into which abilspray® has been incorporated by thorough mixing (a mixing time of eight (8) minutes at the ideal barrel mixing speed (20 RPM).

Until recently, silica fume powder, now referred to as Amorphous Silica, has been the choice of most engineers, concrete technologists and specifiers for shotcrete mix designs, but due to the apparent anticipated shortage of this product in dependable form from Australian sources, abilspray® as a high performance alternative is offered by Ability and used by major pre-mixed concrete suppliers.

Other potential benefits:

The incorporation of superfine fly ash and synthetic amorphous silica into abilspray® added into concrete may assist with a reduction of drying shrinkage. It may also reduce the risk of adverse Alkali Aggregate Reactivity in concrete, which can cause major cracking in concrete structures leading to structural damage, lack of watertightness and consequent corrosion of reinforcing steel.

Through coloured shotcrete:

Colouring oxide pigments may be incorporated into shotcrete mixes with abilspray® admixture. Ability’s abilox® range of 60 UV resistant, colourfast colouring pigments potentially offers a comprehensive palette of permanent, integral ‘through’ shotcrete colours which are easily achieved for decorative, functional delineative or environmental colouring use.

Free samples:

Free-of-charge production size samples for comprehensive laboratory and field evaluation/testing to ensure that the product completely fulfils the functions required by the purchaser / user of abilspray® prior to actual use, will be made available by contacting Ability on phone: 61 3 9457 6488.

Testing results:

The following results indicate the relative strength gain performances of abilspray® verses silica fume (amorphous silica) in a shotcrete mix design at the same dose rates in a NATA approved concrete testing laboratory evaluation.

To view all graphs and data please click on abilspray® - technical data - pdf

As with all of our products, Ability recommends thorough testing of the product first - before project use. For abilspray® complete testing is required before actual use.